Robin, Redesigned

Robin I

I decided to play Project: Rooftop for my first art post, and treat my favourite Boy Wonder to a redesign. The first Robin, Dick Grayson, was a circus acrobat, and I wanted to reflect that in his costume, rather than the Robin Hood-inspired pixie boots and short shorts of the original design by Bob Kane (or, let’s be honest, whomever was ghosting for him at the time). I dressed him in sleek, aerodynamic athletic wear, which would allow him plenty of movement, and heeding the sound advice of The Incredibles‘ Edna Mode, abandoned the cape. I wanted to  keep in mind, too, the practicalities of crime fighting, putting him in combat boots, and outfitting him with a utility belt and a grappling gun.

Not wanting him to be too plain, I opted to allude to his future Nightwing identity in the shape on his shirt, and rather than displaying his signature “R” logo on his chest, moved it to his arm. If I weren’t trying to beat my self-imposed deadline and post this by the end of the night, I would’ve added colour (it will of course be his classic green-and-red colour scheme) – maybe I’ll include a coloured version as a bonus in next Monday’s post.