We Now Interrupt Our Regular Broadcast

It was my original intent to post the Tea & Comics column on Wednesday, this being the day of the week on which new comics are released. However, I will reluctantly concede the need to push this back by one day; henceforth, Tea & Comics will be posted on Thursday.

The Tea & Comics column is based upon a weekly routine of myself and my girlfriend from the early days of our relationship, when we both lived in Toronto. At that time, I was attending school, studying illustration for comics and graphic novels; I was pretty much living and breathing comics everyday of the week. My girlfriend, Dani, did not read many comics prior to dating me, but to her immense credit, took an interest in my interests, and accompanied me to the local comic book shop each Wednesday to get new comics. This comic book shop was Paradise Comics, on Yonge just north of Lawrence, and either by good fortune or by someone’s ingenuity, this was two doors up from DAVIDsTEA. Thus, we would go to Paradise and pick up the week’s comics, and then go to DAVIDsTEA, get a cup of tea and sit and read our haul, and, of course, talk about the different comics we read. This routine was easily the highlight of my week, and provides an important piece of the foundation of our nearly-four-year relationship.

Circumstances today are a little different; both Dani and I are working pretty well full-time hours. In order to create the Tea & Comics column, I need to first buy the comics; then, I must read the comics, and she must read the comics; then, we need to talk about the comics. Then, I must adapt and transcribe our conversation into a coherent blog post. This entire process, I realized today, takes a really long time, and I doubt I can expect to have this posted the same day the comics come out. Hence, the new posting date for the column.

Sorry for the hiccup; I’ll have a fantastic post for you tomorrow – we’ll be reading and talking about Batman #43, Catwoman #43, Gotham Academy #9, Starve #3, and Phonogram: The Immaterial Girl #1. Can’t wait to share it with all of you!