Tea & Comics: No Heroes

“Tea & Comics” is a weekly feature here at Gutterball Special, in which my girlfriend Dani and I talk about the week’s new comics over a cup of tea. 

This week, we discuss We Stand On Guard #3, Plutona #1, Midnighter #4, and The Omega Men #4.

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A: Neither of us are drinking tea this time . . .

D: But at least we’re not eating pizza! I mean, we just did eat pizza, but we aren’t currently eating it while we’re doing this, unlike the past two or three Tea & Comics.

A: Pizza & Comics just doesn’t sound as . . . cultured.

D: This is a much lighter week – we’ve only got four comics. Actually, only three are on the pull list, but you added a fourth one last minute.

A: It’s true. Plutona was not on the pull list.

D: But that’s not the first one we’re going to talk about. This is We Stand On Guard, and it’s one that we have mixed feelings about.

A: This is by Brian K. Vaughan, who’s a pretty tremendous name in comics – he writes Saga, he wrote Y: The Last Man. The art on this book is by Steve Skroce, who, fittingly, is a Canadian gentleman. Though he’s done lots of comics work in the past, more recently he’s made a name for himself as a storyboard artist for the films of Lana and Andy Wachowski, who of course directed The Matrix and Cloud Atlas and Jupiter Ascending. So this book comes with pretty high pedigree, which raises the expectations a little. Continue reading